2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie obverse
  • 2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie obverse
  • 2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie reverse
  • 2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie obverse

2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie


A one-of-a-kind limited release. Only 100 pieces struck. The 2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie.

Showcasing a helmeted Valkyrie with oak trees background on the obverse, and reverse Grove Minting Lion & Anchor.

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2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie.

For our 2022 strike, the Grove Minting Company commemorates a unique, mythological design, that pushes the boundary in numismatic manufacturing. Presenting our Ultra High Relief .999 Fine Silver Valkyrie. Business Struck with glossy obverse fields, and a matte reverse finish, this medal reaches an incredible relief height of 2.5mm at the highest point, continuing through to the very edge of the medal at the base of the Valkyrie's shoulder. The reverse relief is maintained to 0.5mm. Struck in .999 Fine Silver at 38.60mm wide, weighing 31.1g.

Production notes: Production of the obverse coining-die was not trivial, due to the exaggerated difference in relief from the lowest obverse point left to the base of the bust, following to the higher relief of Valkyrie's shoulder, compounded by this high relief also spanning along the edge of the medal. A stress fracture began forming part way through production on the obverse die at this location, resulting in a minor die-chip. 12 examples were struck before the obverse die began to weaken in this area. The remaining 88 pieces struck exhibited small die chips at the very edge of the bust (Stage-2 shown in the produce photo above), technically considered to be a minor error. Photos of the various die-stages described below. Die-Stage classifications are from 0 to 5. Die-Stage 4 and 5 are considered major errors with three examples each, before the dies were retired. These die-chips are typically unnoticeable at first glance, and do not detract from the beauty of these medals, as special care was taken to ensure the greatest eye appeal through the various die stages.

Stage-0 = 12 examples + 1 test strike (test strike not released). (Near sold out)

Stage-1 = 8 examples. (Extremely limited quantity)

Stage-2 = 66 examples. (Still in stock)

Stage-3 = 8 examples. (Sold out)

Stage-4 = 2 examples. (Immediately sold out, day of issue)

Stage-5 = 3 examples. (Immediately sold out, day of issue)

Stage 0 Example: No die chip.


Stage 1 Example: Die chip approximately 1-1.8mm between shoulder plate. (1.3mm shown)


Stage 2 Example: Die chip approximately 2mm to shoulder plate.


Stage 3 Example: Die chip approximately 3mm, halfway to shoulder plate.


Stage 4 Example: Die chip approximately 4mm, nearly touching shoulder plate.


Stage 5 Example: Die chip approximately 5mm, extending into shoulder plate.


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38.60 mm wide
.999 Fine SIlver

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