2023 High Relief Pax Lamb Silver Proof


Unreleased issue, now being offered for sale at introductory price. Only 200 pieces struck. The 2023 High Relief Pax Lamb Proof.

Showcasing the Lamb of Peace atop the Globe, and reverse Grove Minting Lion & Anchor. 

2023 High Relief Pax Lamb Silver Proof.

The Grove Minting Company revisits a historic design in recognition of the need for peace within the world. This modern silver medal is based upon a gold ducat, a widely used European coin during the medieval and early modern periods. The ducat originated in Venice in the 13th century and quickly gained popularity due to its recognizable design, serving as a reliable medium of exchange in both trade and commerce, and often used for international transactions. Various regions across the Holy Roman Empire minted their own versions of the ducat, each with distinct inscriptions and religious or heraldic motifs. One particular gold ducat from 1700 showcased the Paschal Lamb, also known as Agnus Dei, conveying a message of hope, divine protection, and reconciliation. The date is inscribed as a chronogram with uppercase Roman Numerals "MDCC". The Latin lettering: TEMPORA NOSTRA PATER DONATA PACE CORONA, translates to "Father Crown Our Times With The Gift Of Peace", thus holding deep religious significance.

The Paschal Lamb represents Jesus Christ as the sacrificial lamb, emphasizing themes of redemption, purity, and peace. It is associated with the Easter season and the Passover lamb from the Old Testament. In Judaism, the lamb is sacrificed at the first Passover on the eve of the Exodus from Egypt following instruction from Moses. According to the story of Passover (Exodus, chapter 12), the Hebrews marked their doorposts with the blood of the lamb, sparing their firstborn from the wrath of God. In modern times Jews use a roasted shank bone during the Seder meal, symbolic of the Paschal lamb. St. Paul draws a parallel with the sacrifice made by Jesus, referring to Christ as the Paschal lamb (I Corinthians 5:7); hence, the Christian view of Christ as the spotless Lamb of God who through his death freed mankind from the bonds of sin.

The Grove Minting Company High Relief Pax Lamb has been Proof Struck with deep cameo fields, reaching a relief height of 0.5mm on both the obverse and reverse. Struck in .999 Fine Silver at 30.0mm wide, weighing 15.55g with medal-turn and plain edge, this commemorative encapsulates both religious symbolism and practical economic function. This historic design reflects the desire for stability, peace, and divine favor during uncertain times; enduring as a testament to the intersection of faith, commerce, and art in the modern era.

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30.0mm wide
.999 Fine SIlver

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