Grove (Graf) Coat of Arms

The Grove Coat of Arms

(GRAF Origin: German)

The Graf lineage has been traced to the late 13th century, of what is now known as present day Switzerland, (Baretswil) and Black Forest, Germany (Baden-Baden). During this time, the overlapping regions were regulated by the German Teutonic Order and Holy Roman Empire. Hans Graf (1590-16??) and Jakob Graf (1616-1683), our Swiss-German ancestors, came from the canton of Zurich in a village east of the city of Zurich called Bettswil. The church district they were part of was nearby Baretswil, in Zurich. Records obtained by a Graf family who still live in the area list a Ulrich Graf in Baretswil as early as 1309. In 1651, both Jakob and his brother Hans moved with their families to Sinsheim, Germany, where they resided for a couple generations before descendants came to Pennsylvania around 1700.

The name Graf was anglicized to Groff (1700's) in Pennsylvania, and Grove (1800's) in Virginia/Carolinas. The Lion & Anchor crest is original to the lineage, in addition to the Van de Graaf name, however the crest's "charge" may have been marshalled with different field variations.

The Grove Minting Company, founded in 2011, specializes in the production of investment metal bullion commemoratives, released annually, showcasing some of the lesser known coinage designs throughout American and European history.

Our mission defined bringing to life representations of coins which were once created as patterns but never slated for circulation. As the company has evolved, scarce and rare historic coin representations have also contributed to new creations within our product line. Rich in numismatic insight, the Grove Minting Company continues in the footsteps of tradition, utilizing artists, historians, and skilled designers to create distinct centerpieces unique to your coin collection.

All of our Grove Minting commemorative products are envisioned and manufactured in the United States of America and Germany.

You are invited to contact us regarding our products, and can purchase our singularly unique commemoratives through our online store.

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