Historic mintage figures and population report:

Type Total Struck
2011 Silver Feuchtwanger Cent 1000
2012 Flying Eagle 1000
2013 Silver Helmeted Liberty * 500
2014 Silver Amazonian ** 500
2015 Golden Thaler 1000
2015 Silver Thaler *** 250
2015 Copper Thaler 50
2015 Nickel Thaler 50
2016 Silver Dragonslayer **** 250
2017 Nickel Liberty Head 750
2017 Silver Liberty Head 250
2017 Silver Piedfort Liberty Head 250
2018 Chain Cent (medal-turn) 400
2018 Chain Cent (coin-turn) 100
2019 Gold Stella (medal-turn)  11
2019 Gold Stella (coin-turn) 40
2020 Gold Star Capped Liberty -
2021 Lincoln Cent 1955 Double Die † 500
2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie 100
2023 Pax Lamb TBD
2024 Centurion TBD

* 30 individual pieces from the 2013 Helmeted Liberty total underwent experimental toning, and offered as singular unique toned examples.

** 15 individual pieces from the 2014 Amazonian total underwent experimental toning, and offered as singular unique toned examples.

*** 6 individual piece from the 2015 Silver Thaler total underwent experimental toning, and offered as a singular unique toned example.

**** 2 individual piece from the 2016 Dragonslayer total underwent experimental toning, and offered as a singular unique toned example.

† 4 pieces struck were unsalvageable during minting process, 22 pieces double struck, 19 pieces struck with minor capped rim 

Remaining inventory available, April 2023:







2011 Silver Feuchtwanger Cent






2012 Flying Eagle


Sold Out

Sold Out



2013 Silver Helmeted Liberty


Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

2014 Silver Amazonian


Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out


2015 Golden Thaler






2015 Silver Thaler






2015 Copper Thaler

Sold Out





2015 Nickel Thaler

Sold Out

- - - -

2016 Silver Dragonslayer






2017 Nickel Flowing Hair Liberty

Sold Out





2017 Silver Flowing Hair Liberty

Sold Out





2017 Silver Flowing Hair Liberty Piedfort

Sold Out





2018 Chain Cent (Coin-turn)

Sold Out





2018 Chain Cent (Medal-turn)





Sold Out

2019 Gold Stella






2020 Gold Star Capped Liberty






2021 Lincoln Cent 1955 Double Die






2022 UHR Silver Valkyrie






Press Releases & News:

December 2023:

2023 Pax Lamb design in progress, late release.

December 2022:

2022 Ultra High Relief Valkyrie

Released December 2022. Special strike, limited to 100 pieces total.

November 2021:

1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die Overstrike

November 5th - by Jared Grove

1955 was a year full of adventure in U.S. history. Disneyland opened on July 17th of that year. The board game Scrabble became exceedingly popular. One ounce of gold was valued at $35.15, and most importantly in pop culture, Doc Brown invented time travel on Nov. 5th (well, that futuristic fun fact actually became more widely known in 1985.) Most notably though in the numismatic world, was a slip-up that year at the U.S. Mint of Philadelphia…

The 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent is considered among many to be the first perfect error coin, that fell into notoriety either through luck, timing, or both. The story behind how this coin came to exist has been reiterated countless times with varying details, however the facts remain constant.

During the manufacturing process of a coining-die for the obverse of the Lincoln cent, a mistake was made during alignment to the coining-hub, which imprints the impression of the coin’s design into the steel die that is later used to produce the coins. To create the portrait of Lincoln’s image and the surrounding lettering on a piece of steel, multiple strikes from the coining-hub against the die must be performed. Between each strike from the hub, the coining-die would then be removed from the machinery, heated, and then aligned again, resetting it for the next impression. During the final impression, the coining-die had been inadvertently misaligned when being set back into the machinery, causing that last strike to imprint the now famous doubling seen in the design devices.

Of note: As technology has evolved, modern coining-dies can be prepared without the use of a master hub, with the design being cut directly into the steel die itself.

After manufacturing was complete, the machinist may have failed to realize the error on that particular coining-die. After all, many dies are produced to create the same year coin. The 1955 cent had a mintage of 33,058,000 coins, and a coining-die is suitable for approximately 1 million strikes for a small sized coin before it wears out, so it can be assumed that at least 33 sets of dies were produced for this coin type in Philadelphia.

As both luck and timing would have it, during a late overnight shift for swapping out the previous worn-down coining-die on the production line, this error die was also inadvertently put in place for the striking of the next batch of coins. Production resumed, and approximately 20,000 error coins were struck before the mint employees finally noticed the mistake. Rather than undergo the time-consuming task of sorting and picking out each error coin from a vat of millions of properly produced cents, the decision was made to release these coins into circulation. Would anyone really notice?

The hobby of coin collecting was very much in full swing during the 1950’s. Once this error coin became known a frenzy ensued. People were searching far and wide for the 1955 Double Die, as examples were popping up in both circulating pocket change on the East Coast, in addition to the outside wrapping of cigarette packs. In that time, a cigarette vending machine took quarters as payment, and didn’t give cents as change. With a pack of cigarettes costing 23 cents, two cents were affixed to the pack as change to the customer. Many of the 1955 Double Die cents got routed to packaging for that 2 cents change, as well as routed to banks in both Boston and New York. Original error coins in bank rolls are still being found even today, although less frequent, as most specimens remain in the hands of collectors, or may have been lost to time.

The 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent has been a favorite here at the Grove Minting Company. With prime examples exceeding $10,000 in price, many of these illustrious coins are out of reach for the everyday hobbyist. As our founding mission defined bringing to life some of the scarce pattern and rarity coinage into modern representations, our 2021 issue pays homage to the 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent. The Grove Minting Company sourced original mint-state 1955-P Lincoln cents, having them undergo an “overstriking” to re-create the famed 1955 doubling error on the obverse. To differentiate from a genuine 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent, the reverse of these coins were also fully overstruck with our signature imagery, while preserving the classic wheat ears design. This production method takes the souvenir category in exonumia, similar to elongated coins, to a whole new dimension.

First review of the resulting coins stated them to be “Almost indistinguishable from the original!”, as they maintain both the proper weight and composition. These, along with our classic product lines can be found at www.groveminting.com

October 2021:

1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die featured in Coin World Magazine.

August-September 2021:

1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die production completed, mintage capped at 500 pieces.

July 2021:

1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die released.

January - June 2021:

1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die design being finalized.

October - December 2020:

2021 designs under review.

September 2020:

Star Capped Liberty in 1/2 Ounce .999 Gold finalized as 2020 pattern strike.

Star Capped Liberty

Pattern Judd-271 at 27mm. Judd 271 is unusual in that the diameter is the same as a $10 gold piece, but to keep the weight the same as a regular $5 gold piece, the planchet was rolled out much thinner than normal. Another unusual aspect of Judd 271 is that the V in FIVE is actually an inverted A. Judd 271 is represented by only two examples, both of which (amazingly, but not surprisingly) were once owned by Dr. Wilkison. The good doctor acquired his first example in the early 1940's from Abe Kosoff for $4,200. In 1962, Dr. Wilkison traded for Dr. Judd's collection of gold patterns, which included a second (and better) Judd-271. Wilkison retained both examples, presumably keeping the first one as potential trade bait. Narrative by Ron Guth, photo credit pcgs.com

August 2020:

2020 designs considered.

July 2020:

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and summer break!

April - June 2020:

Operations and website orders resumed late May.

January - March 2020:

Due to Covid-19, operations temporarily suspended in the State of Pennsylvania.

December 2019:

New website launched

July 2019 - November 2019:

Products added to the experimental toning category.

April 2019 - June 2019:

2019 issue - .999 Gold Stella commemorative designed.

January 2019 - March 2019:

Completion of the 1793 Chain Cent Commemorative - released on 3/29/2019

December 2018:

Sculpts and dies complete - stay tuned!

July - November 2018:

Production delayed - internal infrastructure upgrades.

February - June 2018:

2018 commemorative design finalized, production slated for August.

January 2018:

Website updates, classic US and World coins to be added to catalog for sale.

December 2017:

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and New Year!

November 2017:

2018 commemorative design research begins, submission ideas welcomed.

October 2017:

Limited Edition Piedfort Strike of the 1977 Liberty Head Dollar Commemorative is now completely sold out, with total mintage limit reached.

September 2017:

Limited Edition Piedfort Strike of the 1977 Liberty Head Dollar Commemorative released.

August 2017:

New product announcement, our next release is scheduled for the fist week of September, 2017.

July 2017:

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and summer break!

June 2017:

Grove Minting Company sponsors JBCoins, their Youtube Channel

May 2017:

Instagram site launched, come visit at https://www.instagram.com/groveminting/

April 2017:

All Nickel and Silver varieties of the 2017 Frank Gasparro 1977 Pattern Liberty Dollar commemorative have sold, with total mintage limit reached.

March 2017:

Release of the 1977 Pattern Liberty Dollar (Silver Strike), celebrating the 40th anniversary of Frank Gasparro's original design.

February 2017:

Release of the 1977 Pattern Liberty Dollar, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Frank Gasparro's original design.

January 2017:

2017 commemorative design production has been slightly delayed, release is scheduled for the 2nd week of February.

December 2016:

2017 commemorative design production begins. Design will be unveiled in January!

November 2016:

Upcoming eBay listings will feature some interesting coins rarely offered for sale, to be linked here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/groveminting

October 2016:

2017 commemorative design is finalized! Production slated for late December, early January.

September 2016:

Grove Minting Coin Identification Network proof-of-concept successful for coin type identification. Site http://groveminting.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com/ still needs work and the beta release has been delayed until Q1 of 2017. ImageClient application has been built for client use, and the underlying framework is set. I'm still working through the coding to make this production ready. I'm only one developer and hope to dedicate more time to this during the fall and winter, and look forward to showing you my work.

August 2016:

Exploration of possible blockchain and crypto-currency market for purchase of Grove Minting commemoratives, implementation yet to be determined.

July 2016:

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and summer break!

June 2016:

Grove Minting Coin Identification Network registration site launched. Beta testing will commence in the latter half of Q3 2016. Visitors are encouraged to register at the following site: http://groveminting.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com/

May 2016:

Second patent regarding coin identification algorithm for smartphone issued. Development commences.

April 2016:

Ideas floated for 2017 commemorative issue.

March 2016:

Second patent regarding coin identification algorithm now in allowance from USPTO.

February 2016:

Business partnerships are explored to commoditize and bring to market the Grove Minting coin identification algorithm.

January 2016:

The 2016 Silver Saint George Dragonslayer is featured in Coin World Magazine.

December 2015:

The 2016 Silver Saint George Dragonslayer is now available for purchase.

2016 Grove Minting Saint George Dragonslayer

November 2015:

Website redesign with new content and features.

October 2015:

Our 2016 design will be a 1 ounce .999 silver commemorative, in continuation of the Thaler series. Sculpt of the Obverse and Reverse begins.

September 2015:

Grove Minting Company continues its push across State legislature urging the State to maintain the bullion and rare coin sales tax exemption. Over a dozen Senators and House Representitives were contacted regarding this important proposal.

August 2015:

Initial design 2016 is complete, stay tuned for updates!

July 2015:

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and summer break!

June 2015:

Grove Minting Company is awarded patent for coin identification method.

May 2015:

Initial designs for 2016 issue are considered and refined.

April 2015:

Grove Minting Company reaches out to State legislature urging the State to maintain the bullion and rare coin sales tax exemption, which is currently under threat from the Governors newest budget proposal.

March 2015:

Grove Minting Company featued in Coin World Magazine, March 9th Weekly edition.

Founders Corner - March 2015
Coin World Feature Article

Coin World Cover - Grove Minting

Coin World - Grove Minting

Coin World - Grove Minting

Coin World - Grove Minting

Article reproduced with permission from Coin World Magazine.

February 2015:

Grove Minting Silver Thaler 48 Schilling released.

January 2015:

Expanded social network presence. Interesting coin facts and industry news on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages:



December 2014:

Winter break.

November 2014:

Copper Roll Hunting Formula is released, and subsequently published in Numismatic News.

Founders Corner - November 2014
Lincoln Cent Roll 95% Formula

When visiting the bank I still ask for a few rolls of Lincoln cents when making my transactions. Cherry-picking for cents by the community at large has yielded some impressive results, and as we enter 2015, even cents from the 70's and 80's might start to gain in value. I'd like to speculate that finding 95% copper cents in a roll will soon be the new treasure hunt as most scarce coins have already been removed from general circulation.

I came up with a quick formula to determine how many 95% copper cents are in a roll, without even opening up the roll itself.

Weigh the individual roll using a jewelry scale, set to grams. Take that number and subtract 126. Then divide that number by 0.61. The sum will be the number of 95% copper coins in that roll!

Here is the reasoning behind the formula using what we know:
A single 95% copper cent weighs 3.11 grams.
A single newer type copper-plated zinc cent weighs 2.5 grams.
We will assume the paper used to wrap the roll weighs 1 gram.

Therefore, we know that a full roll of 95% copper cents wrapped in paper will weigh 156.5 grams. (3.11 x 50) + 1 = 156.5

We also know that a full roll of copper-plated zinc cents wrapped in paper will weigh 126 grams. (2.5 x 50) + 1 = 126

Using this information, I take a random roll and weigh it. The scale reads 132.71 grams. How many 95% copper cents should be in this roll?
First subtract the total from the base, 132.71 - 126 = 6.71
Then divide this remainder by the constant 6.71 0.61 = 11

There should be 11 total 95% copper coins in this roll, and sure enough, that's what I find!

As a side note, this formula doesn't account for a roll which might contain 1943 steel cents, and if cents have worn a bit due to circulation, in that case you can round up to determine the final number. On the odd chance you find a roll which weighs more than 156.5 grams, you might have struck silver or gold.

Happy copper hunting,

Jared Grove
Founder & CEO
Grove Minting Company

October 2014:

The 2015 Grove Minting .999 Silver Thaler undergoes initial design.

September 2014:

The 2015 Grove Minting Golden Thaler was highlighted in the September 16th issue of Numismatic News.

Founders Corner - September 2014
Numismatic News covers the release of our 2015 Golden Thaler.

Grove Minting 2015 Golden Thaler

August 2014:

Grove Minting attended the ANA Worlds Fair of Money Convention In Rosemont, IL.

July 2014:

Grove Minting becomes a recognized BBB entity with an A- rating.

June 2014:

The 2015 Golden Thaler 48 Schilling Commemorative is now online for viewing, and will be auctioned on ebay in the following weeks. Auctions can be viewed at the Grove Minting ebay page.

May 2014:

The 2011 Inagural Feuchtwanger Commemorative is getting a special slabbing and certification through ANACS, available for purchase mid month.

April 2014:

New products have been added to the site, including domestic Silver Dollars and early European Thalers. A few scarce pieces have been made available for purchase.

March 2014:

Grove Minting Company is proud to be a corporate supporter of US Patriot Sailing.

Their site is linked here:

US Patriot Sailing

February 2014:

Early design ideas for our next commemorative. This one is going to be quite unique!

January 2014:

Winter break.

December 2013:

Holiday discounts being offered on all Certified Issue. New prices reflected.

November 2013:

Certified 2014 Amazonian Silver Dollar Commemoratives are now available.

October 2013:

Early release of the 2014 Amazonian Silver Dollar Commemorative, available now!

Founders Corner - October 2013
Numismatic News covers the release of our 2014 Amazonian Silver Dollar Commemorative.

Numismatic News


September 2013:

Grove Minting finilized the production for its 2014 Commemorative, which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Numismatic News in October.

August 2013:

Grove Minting was represented at the ANA Worlds Fair of Money Convention In Rosemont, IL. A special thanks to Amos Press, Krause Publications, ANACS, NGC, ICG, PCGS, The Austrian Mint, and Southern Coins & Precious Metals.

July 2013:

Summer break.

June 2013:

Grove Minting visits Berlin, Germany.

May 2013:

Grove Minting Commemorative tokens can now be slabbed and certified by ANACS.

Founders Corner - May 2013
Modern Commemoratives of early US Patterns

There is a story behind the origin of every coin. For most coin collectors, the physical design of a coin is just as important as its visual appeal. Considering the intricate differences between the many coin designs throughout US history, one can't help but wonder how these designs were first envisioned and proposed.

The creation of any coin first starts with a pattern, commonly referred to as a prototype in other industries. These patterns become the groundwork towards the production of a final design. Coins throughout US history have had a handful to dozens of patterns attributed to the formation of their final design. Acquiring a pattern can be just as fulfilling as finding a rare date/mintmark, as patterns are both scarce and unique. One of my favorite patterns is that of the Flying Eagle Cent. The obverse hook-necked flying eagle surrounded by thirteen stars is both a simple and symbolic design, which was first seen on the Gobrecht Dollar and inspired from a drawing by Titian Peale.

The Flying Eagle Cent was produced from 1856 through 1858, a short span of only three years. What is not commonly known is that the Flying Eagle Cent was also struck in 1854 and 1855 as a pattern. The Flying Eagle pattern was also the size of a large cent, similar to the Braided Hair predecessor, and was the last large cent proposed before the adoption of the smaller cent design. This fact in itself makes this coin very desirable. Not only was there a design change, but also a change in the size of the coin. All other common denominations of US coins have maintained their original size throughout history, except for the Flying Eagle. However, owning an original 1854 or 1855 Flying Eagle pattern is out of reach for many, as a prime example will cost thousands of dollars.

Many collectors seek out commemorative tokens as a way to supplement rare designs to their collection.

The collections at Grove Minting Company are specialized designs of commemorative tokens, released annually, showcasing popular US patterns which include gems like the aforementioned 1854 Flying Eagle. These modern commemoratives of early US patterns are pristine in their original detail, and a tribute to a time when our coins were not only art, but also solid precious metal.

Many of the candidate designs at the Grove Minting Company were chosen after researching examples as illustrated from the Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors library. This is a fantastic resource for investigating and exploring those very exclusive coins which have been created during our nation's history.

Wishing you good fortune in the discovery of unique additions to your collection. God Bless America.

Jared Grove
Founder & CEO
Grove Minting Company

April 2013:

ICG slabbed commemorative Flying Eagle tokens that grade Proof 69 Deep Cameo are commanding a premium on the market.
Submit yours today!

March 2013:

Candidate designs are being finalized for the 2014 commemorative.

February 2013:

Announcement of 2013 Centurion Half Dollar to be released in the early Spring.

January 2013:

New site launch.